Over the last few years, profound changes – whether economic, budgetary, social and even societal – have led businesses and public administrations to adapt their structures and missions.

MC Luxembourg actively works with its clients to support them in their modernization and transformation projects. By means of objective analyses, forecasts and justified critical analyses, he helps his clients identify and evaluate their possible options for the future.

MC Luxembourg combines the best of its private and industrial sector expertise with a deep and keen understanding of how the public sector operates in order to generate virtuous change and sustainable results, while honoring a proven commitment to objectivity.

For example, Frank Leuschen and his team, planned affordable housing and schools for many municipalities, and created several Masterplans for them comprising of a breakdown of their financial, organizational, operational and infrastructural needs in terms of compulsory and optional municipal services/missions, on a basis of an estimated socio-economic development of the municipality in the medium and long term, resulting in a short and medium-term action plan serving both political and administrative leaders.