Greenpeace is committed worldwide to protecting the natural foundations of life for people and nature and justice for all living beings. Greenpeace stands for incorruptibility – neither money nor political pressure can influence our work. Because Greenpeace does not take money from governments, parties and economic interest groups. This independence and political clout is made possible solely by the contributions of our members. Only in this way can the organization act completely freely and take on the largest corporations, both in Luxembourg and worldwide. Together with our volunteers, our team is active in all possible areas: research, lobbying, mobilizations, legal protection and non-violent direct actions – we leave nothing undone to defend our earth.

In Luxembourg, the two activists Roger Spautz and Raymond Triebel founded Greenpeace Luxembourg in 1984. While the team originally consisted only of volunteers, today, thanks to the trust of over 10,000 donors, we have 21 permanent employees, as well as a valuable community of volunteer supporters who are ready to lend a hand at any time to create.